Midjourney supports Character Reference function

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Today, Midjourney announced that they have launched the “Character Reference” feature, which will help maintain better performance when generating images for long stories and comics. This is a milestone in the ability to generate text and images.

This way, products similar to http://Buffup.AI can create more fun AI bots.

Here is the original text:

Hey @everyone @here we’re testing a new “Character Reference” feature today

This is similar to the “Style Reference” feature, except instead of matching a reference style it tries to make the character match a “Character Reference” image.

How it works

  • Type --cref URL after your prompt with a URL to an image of a character
  • You can use --cw to modify reference ‘strength’ from 100 to 0
  • strength 100 (--cw 100) is default and uses the face, hair, and clothes
  • At strength 0 (--cw 0) it’ll just focus on face (good for changing outfits / hair etc)

What it’s meant for

  • This feature works best when using characters made from Midjourney images. It’s not designed for real people / photos (and will likely distort them as regular image prompts do)
  • Cref works similarly to regular image prompts except it ‘focuses’ on the character traits
  • The precision of this technique is limited, it won’t copy exact dimples / freckles / or tshirt logos.
  • Cref works for both Niji and normal MJ models and also can be combined with --sref

Advanced Features

  • You can use more than one URL to blend the information /characters from multiple images like this --cref URL1 URL2 (this is similar to multiple image or style prompts)

How does it work on the web alpha?

  • Drag or paste an image into the imagine bar, it now has three icons. selecting these sets whether it is an image prompt, a style reference, or a character reference. Shift+select an option to use an image for multiple categories

Remember, while MJ V6 is in alpha this and other features may change suddenly, but V6 official beta is coming soon.

We’d love everyone’s thoughts in ⁠ideas-and-features

We hope you enjoy this early release and hope it helps you play with building stories and worlds.

Many netizens have posted their works one after another:

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