AI Bot

Buffup.AI’s Bot now supports text to generate images

and analyze data sources with multiple file types

Customizable creation of multimodal AI robots

Support the creation of various AI robots anytime, anywhere, and AI robots have multi-modal capabilities support. Support for images, PDF, EXECL, Word,PPT, Text, and other file types to deal with. You can make your robot become your exclusive document processing assistant.

For example, you can create chatPDF robot. Unlike the generic chatPDF currently on the market, you can preset this robot to read PDF concerns, output style and output format. Let it become your paper study assistant, test generation assistant, homework generation assistant in a second.

Support text to image

Fast text-to-picture capability allows AI to accelerate your project. It’s like your private design studio, ready to transform your imagination into visual images! And it can fix your commonly used scenarios for image generation without repeated debugging!

For example, you can create a comic style avatar generator. With this generator, you don’t need to tweak the AI repeatedly, and you can let the AI generate avatars with the same style and details according to your requirements.

Support to share your multimodal AI ideas now

Interesting AI ideas why not share them with your friends?

You can send your debugged multimodal AI bots to your friends, and your friend can click on the link to immediately use your debugged bots to instantly generate the images or process the files he wants.

This will allow you and your friends or team, to unify AI generators and reduce the hassle of AI illusion and style debugging.