Why we build Buffup.AI?

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😄Hello everyone, I am Jackliu, the product manager and core developer of Buffup.AI.

I am a developer with 10 years of experience. With the advent of the AI era🤖, I have discovered that there are many tasks that can improve efficiency, and I have become a steel advocate and promoter of AI.

But one conversation between me and my mother👵 made me realize that the vast majority of people don’t know about AI, nor do they know how to use it.

They don’t know what a “prompt” is, and hard to understand how the technological revolution happening in the world will affect everyone’s lives.😶‍🌫️

Em….It makes me think that as someone in the technology field, I have a responsibility to make AI accessible to more people and help them live better.

So my team and I were thinking about how to make it easier for most people to use AI, so we came up with the idea of creating a browser plugin. Because the browser is the most widely used product in the world🌍, we have to open countless tags every day, view news, reply to emails, write articles, watch YouTube videos, and so on. Moreover, the browser is naturally a cross SaaS product, allowing us to use various websites and SaaS tools without jumping out of the browser.

Our work and life cannot be separated from the browser!

But we all feel that frequently switching browser tab pages is very cumbersome.👽👽👽👽

I don’t want to open a chatgpt tab page and then copy and paste the content of other websites, which drives me crazy. I switch tabs hundreds of times a day, which is really a waste of time.

So I thought if I could create an AI plugin that was always fixed in the browser sidebar⭐, I could switch between various tabs at any time and have AI provide assistance based on the content of my current page.

For example, if I am writing an email, I can directly generate it through the sidebar, or if I am searching for information on a webpage, I can have the sidebar help me summarize the content.

As our products are increasingly being used by more and more people, we have found that just having a sidebar is not enough to meet various needs. Users always hope to create their own AI robots to help them better complete specific tasks.

So we added the Bot Store in Buffup.AI, allowing users to freely add bot by writing simple commands or prompts, and also share bots with friends and family.

We call that Buff-Bot, Haha😄😄~

For example, I made a recipe bot for my mom, so that when she didn’t know what to do, she could ask the bot.

The buff bot would randomly generate a menu and provide her with detailed instructions. My mom was so happy and gave me a kiss😘😘😘😘. This has shown me the infinite possibilities of collaboration between AI and humans.

During the development of buffup.ai, some friends asked me, “What is the unique value of buffup.ai when there are already some AI assistant products?

I have been discussing with the team for a long time, and in the end, we realize that most AI products on the market are designed for developers to use, without truly thinking from an ordinary person’s perspective about why to use AI and how to use it in the simplest way possible.

We hope to create a product that even children or elderly people can learn to use on their own, without the need for complex product manuals or specialized guidance. Just like my mother now uses buffup to write blogs, search for recipes, and have AI assistants explain complex financial knowledge, which was difficult to achieve before.

There are already thousands of bots🤖🤖🤖🤖 in the buffup bot store now, and I can even see a user creating a game that simulates his girlfriend’s anger, requiring to forgive in 10 sentences. Woooow😮, It’s really interesting👍👍👍!!!

Now we have released Buffup.AI to the Chrome market, and it will be released to Edge next week. Everyone can download and use it for free, and there are free chat sessions every day.

Finally, welcome to our Discord channel(https://discord.gg/PSQX7KX5bq), follow our Twitter(https://twitter.com/buffup_ai), and hope that our products can help everyone and make AI a friend of everyone.

Thank everyone in my life.

❤️Thank you for sharing to your friend!!~