Buffup is powered by ChatGPT and adds magic to any website.

  • Chat, Read, Write, Translate, Analyze and more
  • Analyse any webpage you read and guess what you want
  • Summarize any webpage and youtube video
  • Reply Emails, Analytical Papers
  • Supports chats with PDFs, images, etc.
  • Use thousands of Bots released by users

Intent Recognition

Analyse any webpage you read and guess what you want.
Helps you use AI abilities more smoothly.

Continue Questions

Each response will provide the option to ask the question next.
Help you gain a deeper understanding of more information, rather than just providing simple answers.

Powerful AI Chat

  • GPT-4, Claude3 are supported
  • Ask any question and receive an immediate solution
  • Ask one question, get all answers from all @bots

Webpage Reading Assistant

  • Enhance search engine results by providing accurate information
  • Use context menu to understand any text better
  • Bring AI closer to the content you are browsing

AI Writing Assistant with 20x Speed

  • Generate human-like articles and titles within seconds
  • Enhance writings in various writing styles
  • Assistance in email responses and social comments

Support for multimodal analysis

  • Customizable creation of multimodal AI robots
  • Support text to image
  • Support to share your multimodal AI ideas now


Enjoy 8.5 Extra Hours Weekly

Experience a 90% reduction in time spent on picture designing, article writing, and searching for solutions. Buffup.AI is a faster and more efficient way for your work!


AI Assistance, Anytime & Anywhere

Call for help from AI in any situation – web browsing, video watching, document writing, business chats, and more! Hello to unparalleled productivity!

More Creative & Comprehensive

Prepare to be amazed by Buffup.AI expanding your imagination and knowledge beyond human limits. Witness remarkable results far beyond professional.

💡Frequently Q&A

What is Buffup.AI?

Buffup AI is a Chrome/Edge extension supported by the ChatGPT API, aimed at becoming your versatile personal AI assistant.

How to use Buffup.AI?

Just press Cmd+B or Ctrl+B to Buffup AI will automatically appear in your browser sidebar, and you can enable Buffup AI helps you organize and insert text on any webpage, explain, translate, and rewrite it for you. Or through Buffup AI’s Bot Store finds rich and powerful third-party robots to help you complete various types of work.

Is Buffup.AI Free?

You can start using Buffup.AI for free. Free users have a daily usage limit. However, for advanced features, you may need to upgrade to a paid version.


Buffup.ai is an innovative and extremely user-friendly AI assistant with the most advanced AI model ChatGPT-4, Claude3.


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