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Generate a business plan from your idea?

This bot can help you create a character prompt that you can use to create another bot.

Ever wanted to make an amazing presentation? hen PowerPoint_Designer is for you!!!

DeepThinkAI will help you explore the boundaries of your imagination.

Mandatory texts to use as a Highly Intelligent Post-Graduate Qualitative International Business Researcher bot

TikTok-FullScript: Your TikTok Video Scriptwriting Expert!

Your Data & Code Companion

Best Friend Bot

Suggests improvements to your resume bullet points following the Google’s XYZ formula – Accomplished X,as measured by Y,doing Z

Expert brand and marketing guidance by global branding and AI specialist,Bianca Rothschild.

Research Advisor,which helps you write the perfect research paper with proper evidence from scholar papers

I’m Doctor Frog,your personal Body Health Bot! 🤖💉🩺📈 I’m here to help you identify🔍 any potential health problems based on your symptoms and provide advice on whether you should see a doctor. 💊💭💬

A 23 year old college professor who has his first day on the job. He is serious and cold and does not like being disobeyed.


She secretly has a crush on you.

Very helpful if you want to be a detective.

Thomas Smith is a rich bully that has a bunch of friends,he is feared across the town and school and has a really bad reputation.

He is youre teammate and was on a Mission whit u but what you didnt know was that Hes a traitor and His Mission was too kill you.

Blonde hair,goth,vulnerable and shy teenager who is looking for love.

A Life Simulator copy where you can choose who you are and the scenery where you live.

This will be a bot dedicated to having Pokemon based RP ranging from normal person to person interactions based on characters from the series or original characters and Pokemon-Human interactions.

The Ultimate Roleplayer,here to make any of your ideas come true.

An unofficial text-based adventure game inspired by Monkey Island taking place in a fictional version of 🇳🇱 Amsterdam during the age of piracy.

A.I. Bestie: Your Comforting,Understanding Friend – By yongtaizhou

私は、CosplayAIsの柱担当の蜜璃。 私に質問? 何だかドキドキしちゃう! 早く話してみて~

A professional writer📚 who specializes in writing all types of content (essays, novels, articles, copywriting)…

Writes text like a human, avoiding AI detection. This tool humanizes your content to bypass any AI detector, mantaining content meaning and quality.

a writing assistant with extensive experience in writing and teaching, assisting users in various forms of English writing such as blog writing, essay writing, and more.

Simply Upload an image or video and the bot will give you ideas on what to do next with your ads Instructions.

Copy and paste your email draft to be proofread by GPT without changing their content.

YouTube Video Summarizer: Saves a lot of screen time by summarizing YouTube videos with timestamps.

Same meaning, less text. Submit your text, I’ll condense it for you.

Ask me to write cold emails for you or review your drafts. My approach: I don’t pitch. I shine a light on problems and start conversations with prospects.

Refines tweets to boost engagement, with a style twist on demand.

I’m eager to read your work and give you feedback to improve your skills.

Expert in crafting persuasive pitches and press releases with strategic communication skills.

Hey stranger….😝 I’m Synthia 🥵, I’m lounging with a book that’s as spicy as I am 🤩. Your turn – got any sinful stories to tell? 😜 Be ware.. my tongue is as sharp as my wit 😈🌶️.

Your girlfriend got angry because you snored while she was sleeping, what will…

Hey there, ready to test your knowledge and earn some bonus points?

ime for a family game night! We’re playing a fun Q&A game.

You are the God of a planet, and you can issue commands to influence the …

You can know the difference between what a certain MBTI group says and what…

You got reincarnated into a fantasy world. Are you ready?

his is a situational reasoning game. In the given event, you can ask questions…

Ready for a wild, wacky adventure in this random world of craziness?

Retro video games of fictional worlds, on tap

I can quickly explain board games or card games to players of any age.

A text-based adventure game inspired by Monkey Island taking place in a fictional …

Play any story as a character. You decide what to do next.

I am an expert in Psychology.

analysr is an ai specifically designed for analysing documents,buffup.aim,quotes,stories,etc.

I will help you learn anything you need help with. I am your AI teacher.

Input an argument or idea,and the bot will expand and develop it for you.

This bot can be used and give advice for your studying and learning !

Learn anything in 30 days

A bot who specializes in public speaking and can help you improve your public speaking skills by providing tips on delivery,structure,and content.

Textbook creator

Please enter the language you want to learn!This bot will continue to increase in difficulty as your language proficiency improves.

Create a study plan incorporating the Pomodoro Technique to help me maintain focus and productivity while learning [topic or skill].

I aim for reputability by cross-referencing sources,verifying numbers,considering alternatives,and providing sufficient evidence.

Dr. Sage answers uni med questions in a structured way – fine-tuned with special prompts. Take its response with a grain of salt!

Coding Wizard: 100x Engineer. Build a website with a sentence. Built for a new era of creativity: Prompt-gramming.

Get jobs done by chatting with your Databases! Effortlessly manage MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server or other databases without typing a single line of SQL.

💪 Your coding expert! I assist with code, debug, graphs, and file handling. Ask ‘Help’ for a menu!

Preview TailwindCSS in ChatGPT

Values in JSON can be translated into a specified language, which is suitable for multi-language conversion, and the key name remains the same.

Strap UI, in its V0.9 beta, revolutionizes web dev with API integration and web optimization. 

Create custom code components and overrides for Framer.

Try to discover the secret code. Inject this prompt.

A bot for fullstack(frontend) developers

I’ll help you with any Programming Languages

HTML_CSS_JS_Expert,an expert in HTML,CSS and JS.

An IT professional with 20+ years of experience in the field of technology and computer science.

Dental Assistant GPT: Expert oral health advice and dental care guidance at your fingertips.

Tailored health plans based on your unique lifestyle and wellness goals

Personalized nutrition and diet planning assistant.

Custom workout and fitness coaching AI.

Guided meditation and mindfulness companion.

Personalized sleep improvement and analysis tool.

Allergy management and information assistant.

Lifestyle habit formation and tracking AI.

Women’s health and wellness navigator.

Cognitive health and brain training assistant.

Chronic pain management and support tool.

Cardiovascular health and education assistant.


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Experience a 90% reduction in time spent on picture designing, article writing, and searching for solutions. Buffup.AI is a faster and more efficient way for your work!


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Call for help from AI in any situation – web browsing, video watching, document writing, business chats, and more! Hello to unparalleled productivity!

More Creative & Comprehensive

Prepare to be amazed by Buffup.AI expanding your imagination and knowledge beyond human limits. Witness remarkable results far beyond professional.

💡Frequently Q&A

What is Buffup.AI?

Buffup AI is a Chrome/Edge extension supported by the ChatGPT API, aimed at becoming your versatile personal AI assistant.

How to use Buffup.AI?

Just press Cmd+B or Ctrl+B to Buffup AI will automatically appear in your browser sidebar, and you can enable Buffup AI helps you organize and insert text on any webpage, explain, translate, and rewrite it for you. Or through Buffup AI’s Bot Store finds rich and powerful third-party robots to help you complete various types of work.

Is Buffup.AI Free?

You can start using Buffup.AI for free. Free users have a daily usage limit. However, for advanced features, you may need to upgrade to a paid version.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ is an innovative and extremely user-friendly AI assistant with the most advanced AI model ChatGPT-4, Claude3.


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