New Bot Recommend: JSON Translate

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Hey there! Are you looking for a quick and easy way to translate the values in a JSON file into a specific language? Look no further! 🌟 Introducing JSON Translate, your go-to bot for all your multilingual translation needs. 🚀

Imagine this: you have a massive JSON file with values in different languages, and you need them all translated into Chinese. That’s where JSON Translate comes in handy! With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly translate all the values while keeping the key names unchanged. How cool is that? 😎

But where can you find this amazing bot, you ask? Simply head over to and install the browser plugin. Once you have the plugin up and running, search for JSON Translate in the botstore function, and voila! You can start using it for free. 🌐

Get ready for an exciting and highly creative experience with JSON Translate. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to seamless translations. Don’t miss out on this powerful tool that will make your life a whole lot easier. Install JSON Translate today and elevate your translation game to the next level! 💬✨

For more information and to install the Chrome or Edge plugins, visit and start enjoying the benefits of this awesome tool! 🛠️💡

❤️Thank you for sharing to your friend!!~