New Bot Recommend: Email Proofreader

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Hey there! 🚀 Welcome to Email Proofreader, your go-to bot for polishing up those important emails with ease and efficiency! 📧💡

Imagine this: You’re about to hit send on that crucial email, but suddenly realize it could do with a bit of sprucing up in the grammar department. That’s where Email Proofreader steps in to save the day! ✨

You simply copy and paste your email draft into the bot, and voila! Email Proofreader will work its magic, ensuring your text is on point with impeccable grammar, vocabulary, wording, and punctuation. ✨📝

But here’s the kicker – Email Proofreader won’t change the tone of your original draft. So whether it’s friendly, formal, or somewhere in between, your message will stay true to your style. 💬✨

Oh, and here’s a neat feature: If the bot detects any inconsistencies or funky stuff in your draft, it’ll shoot you a bold “Warning” before the proofread text is returned. So no embarrassing mishaps here! ⚠️

And hey, if you’re keen on understanding the nitty-gritty of the changes made, simply add ‘[VERVOSE = TRUE]’ when submitting your draft. Email Proofreader will then provide a detailed evaluation post-proofreading. How cool is that? 😎💬

Ready to give your emails that extra polish? Install the Chrome or Edge plugins and search for Email Proofreader in the botstore. Let’s make your emails shine! ✨💌

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❤️Thank you for sharing to your friend!!~